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unbottling - von pilsner - Crooked Stave

Crooked Stave has become one of the more popular Colorado breweries in recent years. They specialize in sours and saisons; mainly funky, yeast-driven beers. Due to this, beer lovers across the state flock to their brewery. So what I’m about to say may be blasphemy to some. I have never been a fan of Crooked Stave’s brews. To me, they all taste way too similar for my liking. Although, despite this sentiment, I have found a beer of theirs that I might like, simply because it is a lager and it would be impressive to make a pilsner taste like saisons. I also love pilsners. From German and Czech style, to American brews such as Upslope’s Craft Lager, to even the more than occasional Busch, to me, they are the ideal style of beer. Light, refreshing, delicious, and not something to complicated. So when I saw Crooked Stave’s Von Pilsner, I had to give it a try. A sour style brewery making a pilsner? That is an interesting concept. Lagers are drastically different from the yeast-driven and funky-time ales that they make. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect and my hopes were not all that high. 

Von Pilsner – The Basics

Von Pilsner – The Details

Crooked Stave is known for their artisanal “twists” on beer styles. To be honest, I rolled my eyes as I typed that sentence.unbottling - von pilsner - Crooked Stave To me, they can be a little, unnecessarily over the top. Anyway, this lager did have a slight twist to it that sets it apart from other brews. It is unfiltered! This grants the beer a hazy appearance. Light struggles to permeate the straw colored liquid. When it comes to the nose, there ain’t much there. Just a blend of subtle, simple, malt and hop aromas. That is one of the aspects of lagers that I like. Their odors tend not to smack you in the face when you try to drink it. The Von Pilsner is also definitely a lager for hop heads. It has a more robust bitterness than most pilsners that I am used to. Crisp citrus notes, like grapefruit and lemon with almost no malt presence. Just a dry, hoppy, pilsner that goes down easy. So, for those Crooked Stave and hop fans, this might be the pilsner for you.

Von Pilsner – Overall

I am always looking for a good pilsner to put in my weekly rotation. I have a few that I rotate between and a new addition is always welcome. You know, something spectacular to sip on. Although this beer was good, it didn’t make the cut. This is just a personal opinion. We all have different palates and preferences. I prefer balanced lagers with an equilibrium between malty goodness and hoppy delight. If you like sharp, fruity bitterness, then this is a must try. I’m just one guy with specific tastes. I have also been told my some that I can be a little set in my ways. So even though I was not a fan, if you like those potent hoppy beers then I think you would find Von Pilsner to your liking. 

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