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Odell IPA

Labor Day is the day we use to recognize the social and economic accomplishments of the workers in our country. We take this day to lay back and relax from our own work with a special day off. We may spend it with family and friends. We’ll go to lakes and pools to swim, we’ll eat good food, and just have a downright good ol’ time. Or we could spend it by ourselves, locked up in our homes trying to catch up on rest and recover from all the hours we put in at our jobs. So, however you decide to spend it, here’s to you! Here’s to all the hardworking parents who are contributing to your communities every single day and coming home to your children in the evening. Here’s to all the students studiously making their way through school and putting in effort with a time clock. Here’s to my friends at Rocky Mountain Brew Review, holding down your 9 to 5s and still joyously coming back each week to put in content for our wonderful readers. In whichever line of service you’re in, here’s to you. Happy Labor Day, y’all!

I, personally, spent this day with my family and friends. We went to a river that we had to hike a beautiful trail to find. We set up shop by a gushing waterfall and cooled down in the cold water. We spent our time swimming, enjoying each other’s company, and watching our children have a fantastic time. And what sealed the deal on my wonderful day was sipping on this refreshing beer.

Odell IPA: The Basics

Odell IPA: The Details

The very first thing I can say about the Odell IPA is that it is very earthy. The smell is piney and slightly dank; a floral quality that I really enjoyed. This is made with Vienna and Chinook hops (among others), and they are known to be very rich and aromatic, but I don’t think that came out as much in the scent here. In the flavor, yes, but not the scent. I poured this beer twice and each time the head came out different, which you can just contribute to how it was poured, but what it had in common each time was that the head never completely dissipated. It coated the top of the drink with an off white, thin froth. With my first sip, I had to sit back and really decipher what I was tasting. Not because it was complex, but because there were only two flavors that really stuck out. Pine and rind-like bitterness. There was more beneath it, like the caramelly malt, however, there wasn’t a lot there so really the big player here is the bitterness. Very hop forward, if you will. The rind came into play, very dry and minimal citrus. I will also note that at 7% ABV, you’re able to taste the booze, but not so much that it takes away from the hearty flavors, leaving you with a long, bitter aftertaste.


Overall, this American style IPA is quite tasty! The pine and floral characters make it a beer I want to grab on my way to the great outdoors. This is, in fact, exactly what I did. It was fitting for the surroundings and really hit the spot. Take it to the lake, take it camping, and take it anywhere you go where the sun is out and the wind is breezing past you. My suggestion is that you make sure it is ice ice cold and you take your time enjoying it.

Lorena Pozos

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