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Unbottling-Hotbox Coffee IPA

A little-known fun fact about me is that when I was a youngin, I thought I was never going to drink alcohol or coffee. Well, that turned out to not be the case. Now, those substances are my favorite things on this planet. Love drinking the stuff, morning, day, and night. Beer, whiskey, wine, doesn’t matter, I just love drinking. The same is true for that delectable bean water. I feel that I am not the only who feels this way, I mean this shit is good. Anyways, this is the second beer from Oskar Blues Brewing featuring Hotbox Roasters. The first was their Coffee IPA, which was pretty damn tasty. Now, some of you who read my articles religiously, which I’m sure you all defiantly do (maybe?), you might be thinking won’t this beer would be better suited in my quest for the ultimate breakfast beer? The answer is no. I believe that the first drink of the day should be water, coffee, and then beer. Brew and bean should be separate, in my opinion, until lunch time. So, let us get down to business and get to the part that is most important.

Hotbox Coffee Porter – The Basics

Hotbox Coffee Porter – The Details

Unbottling-Hotbox Coffee IPA

After the delicious Hotbox Coffee IPA from Oskar Blues, I was eager to try their porter. I often find that porters and stouts are perfect beers for coffee. The beans granted this particular beer a fluffy tan, cocoa colored foam. The beer itself was darker than the beans that went into it. I was, however, hoping for more of a robust odor. In addition, I noticed only mild roast qualities mixed with malty goodness. I defiantly had to strain to pick up each individual scent. My favorite thing about this beer was the way it drank. It was creamy and dry. The beer swirled around and coated every part of my mouth. Afterwards, the dry bitterness left my mouth watering for more. However, I must say that I was disappointed. It wasn’t very exciting – I was whelmed at best. The flavor is a dry bitterness with little actual coffee flavor. Then, there was no chocolate or bread-like qualities from the malt. As I noted in my review of the IPA, coffee beers are tricky. Oskar Blues hit the bullseye with their IPA, but their porter missed the mark.

Hotbox Coffee Porter – Overall

Not every beer a brewery makes has to be perfect. Hotbox Coffee Porter’s failure to impress is not representative of Oskar Blues Brewing. Just because they made a beer that I personally did not like, does not make them a bad brewery. In fact, they make many a scrumptious brew. Also, just because it wasn’t to my liking, does not mean you will feel the same. We all have different appreciations for different flavors and drinks. This is only my honest opinion of a single beer from Oskar Blues. You may find this brew to your liking and good on you. And if you do try it and agree, well then, now you know for next time. Despite not enjoying the brew as a whole, my day is still better off having tried it. A day is always better if it involves drinking a beer, despite what my younger self believed.

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