Unbottling – Fade To Black Volume 1: Foreign Export Stout

Fade to Black Volume.1 Foreign Export Stout-Left Hand Brewing

Oh boy, my favorite time of year is here. It’s the time when Lefthand Brewing out in Longmont decides to do their famed Fade To Black series. This is Volume 1 in the series, and it is the best one. It is truly cruel that this beer is seasonal because it will be one of the best stouts you will ever try. This beer wins gold medals like Michael Phelps. Every year, I buy as much as I can carry, because I know that sad day will come when I can no longer buy it. It is a somber realization, but it is bliss born from immense joy. It’s like a vacation you take every year that never disappoints and you are always sad to leave. That is how I feel when this beer goes away. With each passing day, I am reminded that sometimes the best things in life are fleeting. Like summer love, Fade to Black Volume 1 hits hard and fast, then leaves just as quickly, with only broken hearts in its wake.

Fade to Black Volume 1: Foreign Export Stout – The Basics

Fade to Black Volume 1: Foreign Export Stout – The Details

Everything about this brew is amazing. From the way it looks, its smell, and of course, its delectable flavor, the Fade to Black Volume 1 has it all. It has a fluffy head, like a sheep’s wool. It looks almost like the perfect chocolate pillow to rest on. It rests atop a deep dark body, which is darker than the blackest of nights. This beer demands to be drunk and enjoyed. For those that have had a Milky Way candy bar, imagine that smell. Rich chocolate, caramel, and pure deliciousness. That is how I feel about this brew. It’s a Milky Way bar with bursts of coffee and licorice. Each different smell pulls me into the darkness of the glass. One of my favorite things about this beer is that every sip is better than the last. During that first sip, I found so much happening in the beer. Lush chocolate, colorful caramel, profound plum, and other flavors I cannot discern. Well, better keep on drinking it then! The second time around I honed in on elegant espresso notes with a licorice bitterness to it and the beer coated my tongue with a wave of molasses. The flavor lingered like a heavy winter snow, but I kept on drinking. As the last sip dissipated, I noticed a subtle wisp of smoke, like that of a campfire far away. Fade To Black drinks like it’s over 8%, but it is so damn good that I don’t care. Gulp after gulp I go, each tastier than the last until it’s gone.


Fade to Black Volume. 1: Foreign Export Stout – Overall

It truly is the most wonderful time of year when the shelves are decked with Fade to Black. It’s like Christmas, but better because you don’t have to see family (I’m kidding. Love you, mom & dad). Just like the holidays are filled with joy and glee, so are the days where I consume thee, Fade to Black. Even the most dismal days and turbulent weeks are made better by this beer. Alright, enough is enough. Stop reading! Dash down the street to the liquor store! Grab as many as you can before it’s gone. I promise you, this beer will not disappoint. You’d better hurry before the season ends and then you’ll have to wait another long cold, dark year. Seriously though, get going.

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