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We’re still feeling refreshed from the groovy tunes and frothy suds at the various Tour de Fat concert series happening around the state (and country). What started out as a beer-filled bike ride with an emphasis on charity has now become a killer concert tour that’s making its way up and down the front range and beyond. I personally paid a visit to Tour de Fat Colorado Springs to see what the word on the street was and to check out the events and the charity fundraisers that were going on for the bash.

It was a delightful evening in Colorado Springs, I was coming fresh off a giant catfish po’ boy from Springs Orleans, and was ready to kick back with a beer and spend some time sitting (a pose that seemed lost on me as of late). I made my way with my girlfriend Kelsey and ran into some of the costumed shenanigans of Tour de Fat Colorado Springs as we made our way from venue to venue. Having never been to the Pike’s Peak Center, I was genuinely excited to see what makes this venue one of the premiere spots for concerts down in Colorado Springs. As we entered, we met a group of costumed adventurers, who had just competed in the traditional fashion competition which is a staple of Tour de Fat. After perusing some of the venue, chilling out to a spot of groove from Slow Caves, and procuring a beer, we ran into one of the charity event hosts.

Randi, the COO of UpaDowna was busy tending the booth with Leah and told us a quick overview of what UpaDowna is all about. She was there from the beginning along with her husband Steve “Yeti” Hitchcock who founded the organization as a gear review. Steve originally found out just how great it was to commune with nature after his tours in Iraq, and wanted to share the healing power that nature can have on every individual. Now a decade after their first event UpaDowna is a staple of the Colorado Springs community and was happy to be a part of Tour de Fat Colorado Springs. Check out their Folk ‘n’ Flannel fundraiser happening this October 6th and 7th in Deckers, Colorado.

With a bustling charity community striving for a great slew of great causes, Tour de Fat has evolved into something truly magical. While there may be a lot of missed revelry in the fact that it doesn’t take place on wheels, the heart of what makes the even so great is still there. Keep on proverbially rolling my friends, and I’ll be seeing you next year at Tour de Fat Colorado Springs.

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