The new center of Trump’s political world: Palm Beach

Meanwhile, the president and first lady Melania Trump are revamping their private neighborhoods in Mar-a-Lago in preparation for a permanent comeback. Looking ahead to their political future, Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump are reported to have purchased multi-million dollar property in an exclusive part of Miami. The Trump children plan to spend more time in Palm Beach, unless Eric Lara Trump’s wife ends up running for the Senate in North Carolina, according to a person close to the family.

Combined, these moves will make the Palm Beach and Florida area ground zero for the MAGA movement, giving Trump easy access to potential donors and some of his most dedicated allies as he plans a potential show for the return of 2024. Unlike previous presidents, such as Barack Obama and George W. Bush, who have quietly entered their presidency As they spend time working on their books or picking up oil paintings, Trump is expected to kick off his next chapter by keeping his political base. With his family’s help, antagonizing the Biden administration on Twitter, and holding MAGA events. Proponents will continue to flock to Palm Beach, even as many long-standing residents who see their area as a quiet area above politics are fighting the president over a permanent move to Mar Lago.

“You see a lot of conservative influencers talking about Florida as it creates an environment in which people are looking for safe havens where their ideology is manifested in the world around them,” said Blair Brandt, a political advisor in Palm Beach, and the Republican fundraiser who served as the co-chair of finance at Florida for Trump’s re-election campaign.

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The president’s expected move to Palm Beach is part of a wider movement by prominent pro-Trump Republicans to head south to Florida. to me BloombergReal estate stocks in Palm Beach are down 75 percent due to higher demand, and island-exclusive clubs, such as Trump Mar-a-Lago, have long since had Waiting Lists.

Some of Trump’s allies and prominent conservatives have recently moved to South Florida – including conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, who moved from Los Angeles, and Fox News star Tucker Carlson who is legally residing in Florida. Broadcaster Rush Limbaugh owns a Palm Beach home and is run by Chris Ruddy, Trump’s longtime friend, Trump-friendly Newsmax, and is based in West Palm Beach.

Trump has always enjoyed the attention he poured into his Mar-a-Lago club, which has become a fan destination and a place where the president’s allies can see and be seen. Last week, Turning Point USA held a black tie party at the resort – Who Are from Trumpworld, where White House officials like Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany snapped selfies with young fans without masks.

But during his last visit, the president did not mix with the guests the way he had in the past, and kept mostly to himself, according to a club member. Some members paid $ 1,200 for tickets to the club’s New Years Eve party, hoping to catch a glimpse of the president and first lady and enjoy the 1990s rapper Vanilla Ice, but were disappointed when the president suddenly decided to return early to Washington for unknown reasons.

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But with the clock running out of his tenure, it is widely expected that the expanded neighborhood of Mar-a-Lago will become a new home for the Trump movement-in-exile.

Sean Spicer, a former White House press secretary and NewsMax anchor, said Trump is “adding star quality there on a more permanent basis.” The idea that Florida Republicans have good access to the president is a big one. Having the star power of the president is a big deal, and Palm Beach is really a huge fundraising destination for Republican candidates. “

Brandt noted that his job as a fundraiser, linking wealthy conservatives in Palm Beach with the Republican Party, would be greeted with a constant jolt with Trump nearby.

“He will translate the power of the presidency into a political machine, which no one has done before in Trump’s way,” Brandt said. “But to have someone like Trump working as an operator and needing things to do, it could be really influential in fundraising for the Republican Party.”

But while Florida Republican agents are happy to roll near the new center of the Republican universe, many old residents roll their eyes. As they breathe a sigh of relief as the traffic congestion from road closures is coming to an end, they worry about what Trump’s permanent presence might mean – including a potential presidential library and museum that could become a tourist destination for the MAGA world. One of Trump’s advisors even envisioned some kind of Trump-style amusement park.

“I totally understand why he and his entire family wanted to be in Florida,” said Matthew Swift, a Palm Beach resident and founder of the nonpartisan Concordia Summit. “The president is very popular here,” he noted, but added, “People are definitely curious about how it works with developing the presidential library and any other center the president plans to develop.”

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Regardless of anything, Trump will still have the details of the Secret Service, but not the kind of security footprint – with barriers and no-fly zones – that comes with being president in office.

Before Trump officially moved to Palm Beach, some potential neighbors had already raised concerns about him living in what he calls a “White Winter House” full-time, claiming that he agreed not to use the club as a full-time residence. In the past, the president has clashed with the town on planes flying over the club, and he is expected to direct chiefs with the community about the use of his airstrip on the property.

Several close to Trump have said that despite the club’s ongoing renovations, the small size of his Mar-a-Lago space could push him to find other properties in Palm Beach and expect him to buy a separate home on the island. .

However, some Palm Beach residents, even those who support Trump, say ultimately nothing will really change.

Palm Beach has always been a place above politics, if you will. “It’s not about Democrats or Republicans or Rush Limbaugh or anything else,” said Guido Lombardi, a Palm Beach resident of Mar-a-Lago. “Some people here cater to characters who feel they have to shake hands.”

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