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I’m not what you might call “hype” in my life. When new music, movies, games, actors, or artists come onto the scene, I usually hide in the shadows and wait for the hype-storm to blow over. The same goes for when new breweries are being built. As exciting as it is, I try not to let the hype dictate my first experience at a brewery so I can be as open and honest in these reviews. Instead, I’ll wait for the excitement to pass and get to the new place on my own time.

Resolute Brewing Company may have changed that for me, not because it was getting a lot of hype before they opened, but because it’s a new brewery right by my house. Located in a shopping area I pass frequently, this is one brewery I’m proud to say I was able to follow before their grand opening just last month. In fact, I checked their Facebook page every day to see when they would post their grand opening date, which for a while seemed like it would never come! Much like many of the overly hyped video games with release dates that keep getting pushed back, myself and many others were becoming victims of the cruel “coming soon” Facebook posts, week after week after week.

Resolute Brewing Company Taproom Review

But our patience paid off in a big way. Resolute Brewing Company focuses heavily on the importance of family and community in the way they run their brewery. Zac, the head brewer, greeted every person that walked in, whether he knew you as an established regular or a complete newbie to the beer scene. He even went out of his way to introduce himself to my girlfriend and me, offer us a free sample of our choice, and then talk to us about our beverages. It was educational, laid back, and down-right humble. I quickly admired Zac for being so engaging with his audience and the taproom he represented.

Resolute Brewing Company has one of the more unique taproom setups I’ve seen so far. The inside of the taproom is very modern in appearance, but very different when it comes to the tap and bar setup. Instead of your traditional, everyday wooden bar with taps lining the wall, they have what I liked to call – for lack of a better description – a tap fountain. Honestly, you have to go see the setup for yourself because a written description simply won’t do it justice. With plenty of sitting room, a quaint patio, and even some trees to sit under, Resolute Brewing Company offers a very comfortable, outdoorsy, and welcoming atmosphere.

Resolute HefeweizenResolute Hefeweizen Resolute Brewing Company taproom review

Style: Hefeweizen
ABV: 4.5%

I’m just going to be straight forward with review: this is best hefeweizen I’ve ever tried at a microbrewery. This was the instant favorite for both my girlfriend and me. Not only did we each have our own 10oz glass, but we got another pint to share after the rest of my tastings were done to finish things off. With a beautiful, thick straw color and lots of carbonation, this hefeweizen packs lots of aroma right from the get-go, with strong hints of banana, clove, and other subtle spices. The banana aroma wasn’t that of a fresh banana, but more along the lines of a ripe banana, or banana peel that has a lot of sweetness to it. Taking a more than a modest sip, the taste of banana nut immediately encapsulated my taste buds, with the clove coming through after chewing the beer a bit, warming it up, and swallowing it down. The sweetness, oh my goodness, was this a sweet hefeweizen! I couldn’t quite describe the texture of the body it was presenting in my mouth until I read Resolute Brewing’s own description, where they described it as “fluffy”. Boy, they couldn’t be more right! With a little bit of a dry finish, the sweetness of this beer left me eagerly wanting more.

Resolute BrownResolute Brown Resolute Brewing Company Taproom Review

Style: Brown Ale
ABV: 5.7%

Here is a beer that got better the longer it stayed in my mouth. After looking at their menu, it was hard to pick the three beers I wanted to use for this review, so I thought I would venture out and review another Brown, since Brown Ales can be kind of hit or miss with me. However, this Brown was definitely a hit. A very dark brown color – it basically looked like a stout or porter – with low-to-medium carbonation, this was a very elegant looking ale. Unlike the hefeweizen, this brew didn’t produce too many of the aromas that would get me excited for a first sip. Slightly worried that this brew was a potential dud, I took a sip and was taken aback. What this brew lacked in aroma it made up for in taste, that’s for sure. It produces a nice balance between sweet and bitter, malt and hops. It gave off wonderful notes of caramel, roasted malt, hazelnut, and dark chocolate which came through in the medium-to-long finish. I found that the more I chewed on and swirled the beer in my mouth, the more pronounced the flavors would become, with the robustness of the dark chocolate really shining through once warmed up. With a smooth and creamy body, this is a brown ale I wouldn’t mind having again. The only negative I would give is the carbonation. It just wasn’t there, and it needed to be in order to take the malty/syrupy texture down a notch. But otherwise this beer was very good.

Resolute Double IPAResolute IIPA Resolute Brewing Company Taproom Review

Style: Double IPA
ABV: 8.25%

What way to finish a wonderful tasting experience than to completely destroy your taste buds with this heavy hitter of an IPA. I’m just kidding; it didn’t completely destroy my palate, but it definitely let me know I was drinking a double IPA. Presenting a gorgeous amber and orange color with a good amount of carbonation, I was very excited to end with this beer. I’m an IPA guy, so I already knew what I was going to be looking for in terms of aroma and flavor profile, and boy did I get it! There was so much citrus on the first nosing I did, it almost sent my allergies into a tizzy! However, I was a bit more cautious with my second attempt, and the hints of malt and fruit I got there helped to bring the citrus down a peg or two. Given that the nose was almost destroyed by the intense citrus aroma, I was very excited to see what it would do to my taste buds and decided to jump right in. Bitterness from the hops, grapefruit citrus, and some smooth malt surrounded every individual taste bud! I couldn’t help the puckered face I made from the tartness it originally hit me with, but I was relieved to discover this brew mellowed out after the initial sip. The fruitier notes started to come through once my taste buds recovered and adjusted to the intense flavors. Unfortunately, as the brew started to warm-up to room temperature, a boozy taste started to make an appearance, but this did not much undercut my enjoyment. The finish was long: because of the intense citrus notes, it lasted all the way into your next sip.


As far as new breweries go, Resolute Brewing Company has won a place in my heart. Now, I know my Centennial pride is coming through a bit, but what an awesome new addition to a city I love! Resolute Brewing Company prides themselves on bringing the community together and providing a space to enjoy their craft and passion and help you escape the chaos of life. They like to give us the reminder that no matter how shitty your day has been, a cold beer, some good tunes, and very personable staff that already feel like friends can be there to help take you away from it all. At the end of the night, my girlfriend and I didn’t want to leave Resolute Brewing Company because we enjoyed the atmosphere so much. And it made me especially happy to see so many people walking in from work, still in their business attire, with smiles on their faces, ready to unwind and enjoy the beautiful fall evening with some new friends in the neighborhood.

Brewery Information

Address: 7286 S Yosemite St #110, Centennial, CO 80112
Phone: (720) 722-1238

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