Taproom Review – New Terrain Brewing Company

New Terrain Brewing Company - Brewery Review

Samples. Everyone loves them. I’d be lying if I said I haven’t gone to Costco on a Saturday afternoon just to make rounds of the sample stations and leave full-bellied.

I’ve pulled all the tricks, “I’m grabbing an extra for my mom,” or “Can I try the other flavor now,” and my personal favorite, “Ooops! I dropped it on the ground over there!”

A few months ago, I attended the Winter Park Beer Festival. During the beer fest, I sampled two phenomenal beers from New Terrain Brewing Company. At the festival , was hooked on a particular Mirage Hoppy Sour and Golden Haze IPA (The brewery’s taproom boasts over 16 beers, but personally, I think these two are the best.). Anyways, over the course of the festival I had 20+ samples. In my inebriated mind, the guys behind the taps wouldn’t notice if I repeatedly visited New Terrain’s tent.

New Terrain - Brewery Review

On my fifth drive-by, one bearded guy called me out – my cover had been blown! Josh, a “Suds Sommelier” at New Terrain, playfully gave me a hard time for “beer sample privilege abuse.” Then invited us to come visit the brewery sometime.

New Terrain Brewing Company recently made its debut in the brewery scene. Just opened a little over a year ago, tap room and brewhouse are nestled against the hillside in Golden, CO. A vast interior creates an inviting environment with an industrial mountain feel. Lofty ceilings, a wall of reclaimed wood, and minimal decoration scream, “We’re hip, new, and awesome!” Dozens of outdoor tables beckon beer drinkers to relax in a pup and kid-friendly atmosphere.


Next to the bar you can gaze through immense glass windows and view the brewmaster’s playground boasting 10 and 30 BBL brew systems. The brewery is proud of their ability to explore “new terrain” and experiment to always create unique, innovative, and exciting brews.


A diverse menu seeks to please all, with a wide variety for every hops and barley-goer. A few options include:

Rubus DeliciosusRubus Deliciosus - New Terrain - Brewery Review

  • Style: Raspberry Wit
  • ABV: 6.1%
  • IBU: 21

Wheat beer options are plentiful and it can be difficult to remember which style exudes certain characteristics. One common point of confusion is how to differentiate a Belgian Witbier and the German Weissbier. The main distinction between the unfiltered wheat beers is: Belgian proclivity to sweetness and flavors orange peel, coriander and tart fruit. Whereas, Weissbiers exude clove phenols and banana esters. In any case, wheat contains more protein that barley does, the main factor why Wit and Weiss beers are cloudy.

True to Witbier style, this raspberry Wit poured extremely hazy and opaque. A vibrant red brew with small bubbles of carbonation filled the glass. One sniff to the schnoz and bam! Fermented fruit, hello! Sweet, zesty, and tangy. Little carbonation lingered on the mouth as we sipped the smooth, far from dry potion. Light, refreshing with no strong after notes kept me sipping to keep the flavor on my tongue.

I typically steer clear from any fruity beer, simply not my cup of tea. To my delight, I found this beer to be bright and quite enjoyable. Perhaps at the next Sunday brunch I’ll order New Terrain’s Raspberry Wit instead of a mimosa!

FloodlandFloodland New Terrain Brewing Company

  • Style: Double IPA
  • ABV: 9%
  • IBU: 85

Guilty pleasures. We all have them. What’s yours? Chocolate?  Pizza? Bacon-wrapped steak with caramelized onions and blue cheese crumbles? Wine? If you’re reading this then your guilty pleasure might be beer, just like myself. When it comes to choosing one style or the other, I’ve typically gone for the strongest expression a brewery’s IPA offers. Most of the time, this brew also has the highest ABV. Coincidence? I think not. No shame in getting a little more “bang for your buck,” eh? New Terrain’s Floodland Anniversary 2X IPA is the epitome of value, if a citra-hopped concoction tickles your fancy. At 9% even a 5 oz hazy golden pour will have you feeling giddy. A small whiff fills your nostrils with grapefruit-esque aromas and a backdrop of piney hops. This 2X IPA is moderately carbonated with a pleasant citrus mouthfeel that lingers in your mouth like sunshine on a summer day. Refreshing yet filling, Floodland won’t leave you thirsty, or sober.

Port BA Shadowland V.5Port BA Shadowland V.5 - New Terrain - Brewery Review

  • Style: Barrel Aged Imperial Stout
  • ABV: 11.0%
  • IBU: 35

Beers that won’t leave you sober seem to be a theme for New Terrain Brewing Company.

I once sent my grandfather a barrel aged, dark beer. Perhaps I should have given him a heads up that the pour was meant to be shared between friends, rather than drunk in a personal pint glass. He called me five minutes after poppin’ the top to exclaim, “this tastes like cough syrup!” Moral of the story, BA beers are not for everyone.

New Terrain Brewing Company’s Port BA Shadowland V.5 looks boozy, smells boozy, and tastes boozy too. Ever take a shot of hard liquor? We can all relate to that instant tingle that warms your throat and trickles down to your stomach making you think, “Woah! That’s alcohol!”

I experienced the same feeling with NT’s Imperial Stout. Sniffing the beer as all aspiring cicerones do, roasty wafts of fermented oaky booze triggered my mouth to water. As I tipped the glass back, instant exclamations of chocolate, wood, booze and deeply roasted malts exploded in my mouth. At 35 IBU’s, Shadowland V.5 is moderately bitter. If you gravitate towards fruitier wheat beers, stick with the Rubus Deliciosus. Feeling adventurous? Take a ride on the wild side into new terrain and try this uniquely crafted barrel aged brew.


Not only does the brewery blaze into territories that conservative brewmasters shy away from, they are also a community-oriented business. Most nights an event is held for all kinds of kinds. Join a weekly bike, run, or yoga club to meet brew enthusiasts like yourself!

Don’t miss:

New Terrain Brewing Company is famous for their exquisite taster tower display, a spiraling steel staircase for your 5 oz sample. There are five winding snifter holders, but don’t let this stop you from trying all the brewery has to offer!

Taster Tower - Brewery Review

Brewery Information

  • Address: 16401 Table Mountain Pkwy, Golden, CO 80403
  • Phone: (720) 697-7848
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