Taproom Review – Epic Brewing Company

Epic Brewing Company Taproom Review

Denver, Colorado. A city beaming with life, culture, and the hustle and bustle of productivity. Many venture out to Colorado to seek a new beginning or discover some of Colorado’s hidden treasures. Whether you’re looking for a source of adventure, or just trying to find new people with like minds and passions, Denver could be the place for you. Epic Brewing Company, in a unique sort of way, combines all of those things into one package. Starting in Salt Lake City, Utah, they were very quick to discover and join the new adventure many local breweries are making here in Colorado.

One could say Colorado is a melting pot for culture. We attract all sorts of life for various interests and we have various activities to do. Epic Brewing Company and their taproom is just that; a melting pot of culture. From the wine barrels that they have shipped from California that they then put back together themselves to start wine barrel aging new brews, or hosting a Mele Kalikimaka event featuring a Hawaiian Luau and pig roast, there is something for anyone to experience and enjoy at this brewery.

Epic Brewing Company Taproom Review

Located in what appears to be an old factory building on 3001 Walnut Street, it’s pretty hard to miss the Epic Brewing Company building even if I wasn’t exactly looking for it. Once inside the taproom, I was faced with a very large seating area, a grand bar, and large wooden barrels that almost make up their own wall to enclose the seating area on the far left side of the room. With a wide assortment of brews on tap, you’re bound to find something you can enjoy, even if you’re not as into beer as your friends might be. The atmosphere of the taproom is fun, energetic, engaging, and very friendly. Max and I’s overall experience was one of the most humble experiences we’ve had from a large brewery, yet. It’s rare to find that trait and quality in a brewery that is really starting to expand and grow its roots, but Epic Brewing Company made us feel very welcome in their presence.

Los Locos Lager
Los Locos Mexican Lager Epic Brewing Company Taproom Review

Style: Mexican-Style Lager
ABV: 5.4%

Imagine yourself relaxing on a beach in Mexico, enjoying the warm sun on your skin, the sound of waves breaking against the shore, and a cold beer next to you, inviting you for another sip to refresh your parched palate. That is exactly what Los Locos Lager helped me imagine the first time I tried this brew. As many beer nerds know, making a good lager is no easy feat to accomplish. However, Epic Brewing Company did a great job with this one. Los Locos Lager brings on the taste of a margarita without the tequila. This corn based lager – which is something I never even heard of doing – will grip in the hands of summer and not let go. The color is cloudy and straw yellow that even gives its appearance that of a margarita. My guess is it gets some of its cloudiness from the lime juice and corn. On the nose, you’re immediately hit with lime, a little grain, and a very subtle sour or tart note. On the palate, your tongue is wrapped in a crisp and clean lime tartness, with just the right amount of sea salt to take some of the lime edge away. Overall, the drinkability of this beer is very high with a mild and light dry finish, great for a hot summer day.

2014 Barley Wine AleBarley Wine Ale Epic Brewing Company Taproom Review

Style: Barleywine
ABV: 11.2%

The 2014 Barley Wine came highly recommended to me by Zach, an employee of Epic Brewing Company that gave us a very informative tour. Aged since 2014, I knew right away I was in for a bit of a treat. Over the past year, my palate has really grown into appreciating barrel aged brews, especially those that have been aged in bourbon barrels. Nothing excites me more than to see barrel aged on the label or menu as I’m trying to decide on a brew. The 2014 Barley Wine Ale is definitely a sipping beer! Wow! Talk about complex and robust in its overall package! The beer has a beautiful dark amber and roasted color that you can tell has picked up from the aging process inside the barrels. On the nose, I found notes of dates/raisins, malt, with a little bit of sweetness. On the palate, the beer is very robust, full-bodied, with notes of raisins, malt, and some sherry, which gave it a little bit of that liquor/alcohol taste and warms me up the whole way down. This is a beer I would look forward to drinking as a dessert after a big meal, or on a cold winters night in front of a warm fire.

Sour Apple SaisonSour Apple Saison Epic Brewing Company Taproom Review

Style: Saison
ABV: 7.7%

Since I started my own personal epic beer quest to discover as much as I can about the craft, one style has always stuck out to me, like I’m sure it does with every beer enthusiast. What I love the most about the Belgian style is how much it reminds of my favorite season, fall. Fall is rich with spices, like cinnamon and clove, which perfectly accent the change in the colors of the foliage. Usually, spices like cinnamon and clove help to warm me up, especially in a hot tea. This brew was like fall in a glass for me. The color was a very clean pale straw color. My nose could immediately identify the sour apple, clove, with some other slight spice notes. It have off lots of aroma, which reminded me a lot of a Hefeweizen. I couldn’t wait any longer to taste what this beer had to offer and took more than a modest sip. My palate was hit with sour apple, clove, and a bit of tartness. The Sour Apple Saison very crisp, clean, with a moderate amount of carbonation and dryness to help it be on the more refreshing side, rather than the warm hugging feeling I get when drinking brews with similar tasting characteristics. The spices really help tame the sour apple and present a very drinkable beer.


The key ingredient for operating a successful brewing operations – other than the obvious distribution element – is passion. Passion and confidence for the craft and product you’re making, and passion to share that craft and product with someone else. Beer is a social gathering, of sorts, and many of us beer enthusiasts treat is a such. It’s a time for reflection, relaxation, and friendship. Epic Brewing Company does a great job creating an atmosphere that makes me want to continue to come back to try new beers they’re releasing, and attend more events to help pass the time. The large wooden wine barrels that can be viewed in the seating area really help to add a level of depth and personality to their brewery that is more pleasing to the eye than just always seeing the same stainless steel brewing setups tucked way in the corner, or behind the bar. I definitely look forward to writing future taproom visitations and unbottlings of future brews that Epic Brewing Company produces.

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  1. Thank you for the great review! I work at the “Tapless taproom” at Epic Brewery in Salt Lake City. Come visit us there too!

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