The Quest for the Perfect Breakfast Beer – White Rascal

Today, I will be introducing a new segment to the illustrious Rocky Mountain Brew Review, The Breakfast Beer. We are all familiar with this coveted concept. You’re having a pleasant morning, but it isn’t quite complete without the perfect beer to drink. Fret not friends, for I have decided to take one for the team. I will scour beer menus and shelves to find the perfect one so you won’t have to. That way, y’all can start your morning knowing you have made the right choice. Anyways, sometimes a beer is needed to make a balanced breakfast. Maybe you just want one in the morning for kicks. Or, perhaps you’ll keep the train going all day.

Anyways, sometimes a beer is needed to make a balanced breakfast. Maybe you just want one in the morning for kicks. Or perhaps you’ll keep the train going all day. I believe it was George Washington himself who said: “You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning”. For the first installment of many, I honed in on Avery Brewing’s White Rascal. The Germans would begin their mornings with a wheat beer or a Hefeweizen. They seem to have their shit together, so I figured, why not give it a try?

White Rascal: The Basics

White Rascal: The Details

Technically, White Rascal is a Belgian style wheat beer, not German. However, it is early and the concept is the same. Like many brews in this style, the beer is incredibly hazy. Can’t even shine a light through the damn thing. A creamy foam constantly sits atop the golden, straw colored liquid. One of the qualities I have always loved about well crafted wheat beers is the way they smell. You stick your nose in that glass and it’s better than smelling a bouquet of flowers, mainly because flowers aren’t drinkable. To me, smelling a quality beer is like foreplay – it’s necessary, and makes the final event even more awesome. The first thing I noticed was citrus – mainly orange peel and fruit. The smell reminded me of the way my hands smell after peeling an orange, that bittersweet odor. Piggybacking off the orange is a delightful smell of coriander, which accents the orange nicely. After all that disperses, is a bouquet of clove, like you just rolled around in a patch of the stuff. All of these are marks of a solid wheat beer. Like other wheat beers, it is also light and smooth, not something that will put you down for the count. That’s definitely a quality that is necessary when starting early. As with the smell, orange and coriander are the predominant flavors. It’s lush, smooth, and zesty all the way down. White Rascal is one of the better wheat beers that I have had in my day. The taste pairs perfectly with an early morning start to things. The easy drinking aspect makes it so you can go all day. The spiced orange flavor means that it is the same thing as drinking a few glasses of orange juice (which, by the way, is a crucial part of a balanced breakfast).

White Rascal – Overall

There is nothing quite like starting your morning with a beer as golden as the rising sun, as refreshing as a cool breeze, and as comforting as a beer can be. Not every morning can be started with a cold one and not everyone should. However, for those glorious occasions, a White Rascal will do the trick. This beer is perfect for that lazy Sunday morning. I mean, what could be better than a beer and a cup of coffee, everything your body needs and wants together? So, over the coming months, I will help guide the readers of this website to find the quintessential breakfast beer. To test different brew, take chances and mistakes so that you don’t have to. Stay tuned for more day drinking in the name of science!

Matt Dawson

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Matt is originally from Massachusetts but fell in love with Colorado’s mountains and, of course, the overwhelming options of beer to drink. His time is filled with hiking the mountains, crushing the slopes, or casually playing 18 and drinking a beer or two in the process. To Matt, the best part of Colorado is that drinking is encouraged with almost any outdoor activity.

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