Event Recap: Sesh Fest 2017

Sesh Fest 2017

It was a day of sun, beer, games, friends, and an obscene amount of sunscreen. Sesh Fest, which was held at the Highlands Masonic Event Center on August 5th, brought together over fifty breweries, who all came prepared with their low ABV beers. Although the beers available weren’t particularly boozy, what they lacked in alcohol content they made up for in flavor: participating breweries brought everything from light, effervescent Berliner Weisse beers to saisons that basically tasted like lemon meringue.

Beyond the massive spread of crushable, thirst-quenching beers, Sesh Fest was perfectly constructed homage to all things summer. Giant beer pong, volleyball, food trucks, and a variety of other summer favorites were readily available, and participants were encouraged to make new friends over beers and games. Picnic tables and popsicles gave the event a hint of nostalgia, which made the experience all the more enjoyable. As a beer festival, Sesh Fest remains one of the most popular in Denver, and it’s not hard to see why: the event organizers, Two Parts, wanted to create a beer festival that wasn’t necessarily about the beer itself, and more about the memories that are often shared over a great beer. Sure, you could go to Sesh Fest and do nothing but drink beer, but with so much else to do and experience, why would you?

  • Welcome to Sesh Fest - Event goers were given a full can of Top Rope by The Post Brewing Company to kick off their afternoons at Sesh Fest.

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