Deweyne: Midwestern Governors Have Strengthened Relationships While Fighting The Pandemic Against “Common Enemy”

Ohio State Mike DwyaneMike DeWineSunday shows a preview: Relief from COVID-19 awaits Trump’s signature; Government continues rolling out the vaccine DeWine says Ohio teachers and school staff will be the next group to receive the COVID-19 vaccine Progressives are gathering around Turner’s House show More (R) and Michigan Gov. Gretchen WhitmerGretchen Whitmer preview showing: COVID-19 relief awaits Trump’s signature; The government continues to launch a Michigan vaccine to reopen high schools and indoor recreation amidst the stabilization of coronavirus rates in Michigan to reinstate the pandemic-related moratorium on water cuts More (D) said in a joint interview on Sunday that the coronavirus pandemic has strengthened communication and relationships between leaders of countries in the Midwest.

“What I found really well was that I got to know Gretchen, Governor Whitmire.” Dwyane said on CBS ‘Face the Nation, “I’ve gotten to know our governors next door and talk a little bit.”

He added: “We have a common enemy, the common enemy is this virus and we are fighting it again,” adding, “Certainly, there may be people in my state who disagree with what we have done.”

Whitmer added: “This virus does not stop at the state line, nor does it stop at the party line, it is a common enemy and this is the way we always look at it.”

Whitmer pointed out that while states have varied in how to allocate the first vaccine doses, most conservatives give priority “to those with the most exposure, and from there in the jobs that communicate with the public.”

DeWine added that while “there was real consensus between what we call the ‘A1’ group, which includes first responders, but she anticipated that ‘there will be more lack of consensus among people in general when it goes beyond that first group.” “

Both DeWine and Whitmer were reportedly the target of hijacking plots earlier this year due to restrictions they had implemented during the pandemic.

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