Rocky Mountain Brew Review

Welcome to Rocky Mountain Brew Review. While we’re not exactly sure how you found us, we’re sure glad you did.

Our Story

RMBR is the result of countless hours of writing, rewriting, tasting, retasting, tinkering, and retinkering. Founded in 2016 by Max Schosid, the site’s mission is simple: to provide informative yet entertaining, lighthearted yet honest reviews about Colorado’s ever-growing craft beer scene. A former history teacher turned professional writer, Max has been enjoying the fruits of Colorado’s craft beer community for close to a decade. After a brief stint as the beer blogger for Aboutboulder.com, he decided that a website that centered around all things Colorado Beer was what he wanted. A domain name, a hosting service, and a bunch of hours fiddling around in WordPress later, and RMBR was born.

It turns out, it’s not that difficult to find people who have a lot to say about craft beer in Colorado. Armed with a few writing buddies (and drinking buddies), Rocky Mountain Brew Review strives to teach you something about beer – whether it’s about a style you’re interested in, a tap house you’ve been dying to try, or how a piece of legislation affects you or that frosty brew in front of you – we want you to come away knowing something you didn’t know before. We realize that beer enthusiasts come at all levels. Whether you’re a Certified Cicerone, or the type of person who only knows they like dark beers, we strive to make content for you.  And hey – if you laugh (or at least exhale sharply) while reading, all the better!

Our Mission

Rocky Mountain Brew Review strives to be the most trusted source for all things beer in Colorado. Through high quality and informative content, we aim to be a guide for beer drinkers, while simultaneously advocating for Colorado’s promising craft beer industry.

Our Ethics

We are painfully aware how much sponsored content exists on the internet; that is, writing that is paid for by corporate interests. To us, this does a disservice to the consumer, who reads to become informed. To us, this does a disservice to the industry. While we are more than happy to receive free or discounted products from breweries or other companies, we will never be paid for positive reviews. All of our reviews are the expressed written opinions of our writers.

Beyond that, we will never advocate drinking in excess, or acting irresponsibly while drinking. Please enjoy alcohol in moderation. Be safe out there.

Thank you for venturing to our little corner of the internet, and let us know what you think!